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Using the Functional Medical model, Dr. Arseneau is able to more fully appreciate and understand complex processes of disease. Through this lens, he is able to unravel multifaceted, health challenges rapidly and completely as he never stops searching for answers to solve difficult health challenges. His comprehensive treatment plans help patients get the care they need and deserve.


CAM was recommended to me by my friend who is a doctor herself and they have helped me more in the past year to feel better than my GP has in the past 10 years. Dr. Arseneau has been extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive of my health issues. He has incorporating both a physical and emotional aspect to helping me feel better by utilizing the help of Boris for stress management.My son has been seeing Dr. Bizios since he was a few months old and she has been incredible in leading me through a natural approach to teething, food introduction and health concerns I had including eczema.Can't say enough about the staff starting with client services at the front, to the nursing staff at the back I am never kept waiting and have been so pleased with all of the services received over the past year!

Patient Review: Anna Kovacs

Thank you Dr Arseneau & team for doing what my OHIP doctor couldn't/wouldn't do...I now have my strength and energy back!!!Looking forward to chasing this path of optimal health with the help of your clinic every day left for me that God has ordained (however few or many that may be!) It's all for His (God's) glory..

Patient Review: Matt Miller


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