Pascoe Detox Kit (Formally Whole Body Cleanse)

Pascoe Detox Kit (Formally Whole Body Cleanse)

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What is the Pascoe Detox Kit?

It is a Homeopathic kit for the relief of sinus congestion, indigestion, hives, bloating, irritability, fatigue, headaches and constipation.

Each kit contains:

Juniperus Similiaplex® 50ml drops 

Quassia Similiaplex® 50ml drops

Lymphdiaral® 50ml drops

How to use Pascoe Detox Kit?

The Pascoe Detox Kit can be used as part of an annual detox program, or more frequently as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

General information about body detoxification:

Supporting the lymphatic system, kidney and liver is crucial for a proper detoxification. Drinking sufficient water, increasing intake of vitamin-rich organic foods and exercise can all play an important role in supporting these organs and improving the body’s overall health.

Dosage and administration:

Adults and children ≥ 12 years: Based on your lifestyle, you can either
take 30 drops of each remedy mixed together in one liter of water,
sipped through the day.
Take 10 drops of each product in water 3 times a day.